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Steps to get a divorce

Getting a divorce is never easy. It is one of the most emotionally challenging procedures and

requires an excellent attorney to get you through the highs and lows of this life changing


Just like any task that needs a checklist and requires procedures, securing a divorce too has a

set of steps that needs to be followed.

1. Consult a lawyer - Whether the divorce is a mutual consent or contested, both parties

must consult a lawyer to know what steps must be taken. Hiring a lawyer

would save you the time and reduce the burden of an already painstaking process.

2. Gather documents and meet a lawyer - Gather the paperwork which includes your

marriage certificate, photos,address proof and any other documents which could assist and help the

lawyer that you have hired to understand your background better.Further,the court will require the submission of several documents to accept your divorce petition.

3. Let your lawyer take the lead - After hiring a lawyer, through the several procedures be

honest with him and let him take the lead. In every court hearing, trust that the lawyer

you have hired knows what needs to be done.

4. Drafting of a petition and other procedures- Filing of the petition in court along with the

required documents will be the step.Thereafter, the court will suggest mediation between the parties be it a contested or a mutual consent divorce.

5. Failure of mediation - If the mediation process has failed between the parties, the court

will go on to recording the statements, looking at evidence and allowing cross-

examination by the counsels representing the two parties.

6. Passing the order- After both sides have presented their arguments, the court will go on

to fixing a date to deliver the verdict.

Hiring an expert divorce lawyer to guide you through the series of steps to get a divorce is the

most crucial aspect of the process. A lawyer who is well-informed and has the ability to get you

the desired outcome will make the process of securing a divorce a lot easier.

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