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Moving on from a bad marriage

Nothing that is bad is good for life. And a marriage that is bad? That is robbing you away from the happiness you can have in life. When your marriage has hit rock bottom and you potentially term it as ‘bad’ the only way out of it is to file for a divorce. It is the first step in making sure that the days we have on this earth are not wasted any longer in a marriage that gives you nothing to look forward in life. Being in an unhappy marriage is otherwise termed toxic.

Here are the signs to look for to know when your marriage has truly become a bad one

You no longer feel safe- Physically and mentally you are drained and you do not feel at

peace. You no longer feel vulnerable with the person and you always find ways to stay away from them.

You are always criticizing each other- Imagine constantly being at battle with the person

you share a bed with. Its torture. When criticism takes a turn and steers away from

constructive criticism. Being hostile towards each other be it daily or a weekly basis is a clear sign of an unhealthy and unhappy marriage.

Always having the same argument- Arguments with anyone usually happen when 2 or more people disagree on something. Every argument must be useful and take out the specs that causes the argument and leave no residue for the argument to ever arise again. If you and your partner are unable to find a solution, and are constantly at wits with each other, so much that you start ignoring each other to ensure the argument does not arise, it is a clear indication that there is a major disconnect.

 Not Enjoying spending time with each other- Always finding reasons to stay away from your spouse so that you do not need to engage in conversation with them means that you are growing apart or you were never on the same page to begin with.

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