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  • Because The Divorce Point is not a genaralist law firm but a SPECIALIST in the field of Divorce & other areas of family law. All family law related matters like divorce, custody & maintenance are not just part of our practice, but the very core of it. We recognise that divorce & family law related matters cannot be handled the same way as corporate law, property matters, labour law matters, cheque bouncing cases or criminal issues. Divorce, maintenance, custody of children and related matters belong to a different genre - and that is the genre that WE specialise in.

  • Our divorce legal services are thorough yet Quick, Comprehensive, Efficient and completely Reliable.

  • No stories, complicated legalese and bureaucratic nonsense - Only straight forward, efficient divorce legal services in the layman's language.

  • We will not promise you the moon & take you on a trip that cannot be realised. Instead we will give you the truth. We will give you a very realistic & truthful  assessment of your situation/case.

  • We do not offer hype, glamour & glitter - but only real quick, hardcore efficient & reliable divorce legal services.

  • It's because of this that we are referred to as simply "the Best Divorce Lawyers in Bangalore".

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